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Chiropractic Care for Animals


Recent Customer Testimonials

"Dr. Kelly MacKay has worked with my horses, dogs and cats for years, and her visits have made a huge difference in their lives. I value her knowledge, experience, and professionalism; she is meticulous, thorough, and gentle. Best of all (to the animals, especially) she works from her heart, with the animal as a full partner in the chiropractic session. As a result not only are the adjustments effective but the animals are always happy to see her again! She is a vital partner in the healing process.
Barbara Chasteen

"My cat was caught in an automatic door closer. His back was visibly distorted. I called Kelly at the suggestion of a client. She was so gentle with my cat and all the animals wanted to meet her so she looked over a few of my older dogs and made treatment suggestions. For the past 2 years she has worked on all of my animals. Most notably our working border collie who was retired and almost crippled in 2006. She has worked on him to the point that he herds better than our other 3 young border collies. The animals….even our meanest of cats…welcome her visits and I have seen improvements in my pets…young and old…I only wish she worked on humans!"
Cathy Bechler, Feed This, Inc!

"We have two Golden Retrievers. Our smallest girl is not your typical Golden. We call her our Border Collie/Australian Sheppard in a Golden Retriever exterior. Lacey is very active and energetic. When she was under a year old, she experienced pain in her back. Upon examination, my Vet said she had strained herself, and to keep her quiet. With Lacey, easier said then done. Over the next several years she would continue to strain some part of her body in her pursuit of a very active lifestyle.

Last year, I observed her limping. I had heard about Kelly MacKay from friends, and finally decided it was time to have Lacey examined. I should mention that Lacey is a tough little nut. If she doesn’t trust you or for some reason, doesn’t like you, you will not get near her. I was concerned that it might be difficult for Kelly to examine Lacey. After meeting Kelly, I had nothing to worry about. Kelly has such a wonderful demeanor and is truly gifted with building a rapport with her patients.

After a few visits, Lacey does not walk with a limp. Her little body needed quite the number of adjustments, which has helped her continue her very active lifestyle of running and swimming. I regret not calling Kelly 5 years ago when Lacey was first in pain. As my dogs age, with the able assistance of Kelly, they can enjoy their energetic activities and continue to have a good quality of life."
Barbara Sloat

"We are forever grateful to Kelly for her wonderful and loving care she gave to our Pekingese Popette. She was always so compassionate to her. Popette was 14 when she met Kelly. She made Popette feel safe and secure from the first day she walked into our home. Her chiropractic care was so gentle and thorough. You could tell how great she felt because she would sleep for 3 hours after each treatment. I truly believe that our little girls life was extended for 2 years because of Kelly. Popette injured herself shortly after 16th birthday. She was in excruciating pain. Kelly immediately came over an adjusted Popette relieving her pain. As with each visit Popette would give this sweet soft bark to her Kelly. It seemed like she was telling her how grateful she was for Kelly's healing touch. It has been 5 months since our little Popette has passed away and Kelly continues to call to check in on how we are doing. Through Popette's Kelly we truly found a dear friend."
Saundra Pope

I first met Kelly when she was recommended to me by my daughter's riding teacher.  I had her do an annual chiropractic check up on my Icelandic gelding. I was impressed with how thoroughly she did her evaluation, and even more impressed when she told me that unless he showed signs of pain, he didn't need to be seen for another year.  I knew he had a "great back" but had experienced chiropractors recommending more frequent visits anyway, which I had come to distrust. We had the same experience the next two years! Just a solid annual exam and he was great. In the interim, I had Kelly work on a different horse that had many, many physical problems, which she helped immensely, and then had her to come work with my elderly dogs as well. She is a gifted chiropractor and really takes a holistic approach to care. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for chiropractic with their animals. It really does help.
Allison Houston

"Kelly is a great chiropractor, but so much more. She is a true healer who follows the path of Mother Nature to listen to the entire being and so offers healing for body, mind and spirit. We are indeed blessed to have her working with our animals."
Gail Pope, Founder and President: www.brighthaven.org

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