The Stampede

Border Collie

I met Kelly years ago when my ram’s neck was out…probably from ramming something. She took such kind and gentle care of him I was so impressed that he kicked his heels up when done with his session and never seemed to have issues again.

A bit of time later my border collie was in the midst of a sheep stampede and I was not sure how badly he was injured. We had to carry him from the pasture into the house. Kelly quickly came to his aid and gave him lots of adjustments and love then love and adjustments and he made a full recovery. He saw her his entire life and was well loved by her.

Kelly has long since worked on many of my animals from my giant breed guard dog to my rescue kitten who had his poor little tail in vertebrae knots. Kelly has even helped me remedy my own vertigo….Oh how I wish she worked on humans.

She is so smart and kind and skillful. I adore her as a person and admire her compassionate interaction with each pet and how they need to be handled and oh did I mention her skills.

She has advised me on my pets as well as the pets of several friends and clients. I’m always a little apprehensive when I talk to folks who see someone other than Kelly.

I’ve confidently referred many people to her because I trust and respect her work. I’ve never had a person come back to me with a bad or subpar experience. My animals are my life and I honestly trust them fully in her hands.

Cathy Silberman, Owner of Feed This, Inc.!


Qusco kitty

Respect, caring and curiosity are the values Dr. MacKay brings to the animals she treats.

Reducing the stress for both the animal and human, she comes to the animal’s home. She takes time to foster the animal’s interest in who she is and what she has to offer.

With her gentle, experienced touch, she asks, “Tell me.” And when the animal informs her of the injury or illness, she exudes a long, empathic “Ohhhh.”

I have seen immediate results in my cat after Dr. MacKay has made a chiropractic adjustment and given him a homeopathic remedy.

Her treatment includes at least one extensive follow up telephone conversation about the next steps towards full healing.

I have the greatest respect for Dr. Mackay’s expertise and have highly recommended her to my friends with animals.

Toni Littlejohn, Point Reyes Station



Here’s a picture of our dear old friend, Django. Your help allowed him more than two more years after his first incident. He had a great quality of life right up until the end. He was just three weeks shy of his 17th birthday. Thank you, Kelly!

Anne Hanson, Cazadero

Compassionate, gentle, intuitive

Kitty held

Over 20 years ago, a friend told me about Dr. Kelly MacKay. Since then she has worked on numerous furry family members of the canine and feline variety.

Kelly is highly sensitive and highly skilled; she is empathic, compassionate, gentle, intuitive and meticulous in her observations as well as record keeping.

She comes to the animal rather than the other way around, which helps to keep the stress low for all. Kelly is a one-woman show, I’ve appreciated being able to communicate with her directly vs an office environment.

There is a world of knowledge in her noggin, and over the years I have learned much from the appointments she has had with my critters. I have been so impressed with Kelly’s special brand of magic that I have referred her to countless friends, clients and neighbors.

Simone, Sebastopol



Dr. Kelly Mackay is one of the most intuitive, conscientious, empathetic and dedicated healers I have ever met. The relationship between Kelly and my beloved soul kitty, Tigmund, began 7 years ago when Tigmund, at the age of 13, suffered a stroke. He was unable to chew properly and had injured his neck when he fell due to the stroke and had an unsteady gait.

Kelly responded quickly and, after taking Tigmund’s history, she assessed, adjusted, and administered homeopath remedies. She adjusted Tigmund’s neck, jaw and spine, and we saw immediate improvement with his jaw and his gait. The homeopathic remedy that Kelly administered had Tigmund eating in 15 minutes, with his newly aligned jaw.

There were two occasions specifically where I knew Tigmund was more than just “off”. He was in deep pain, not eating and he was shutting down as a result. I often think of other pet guardians who have witnessed something in the aged pets and thinking their time has come not knowing there are other options.

Whenever I saw that he was “off” and think I’m calling Kelly, I would often get a call from her before I could make the call. That is how special their relationship was. He lived to be over 19 years old.

All my animals have been and continue to be treated by Kelly and as a result have optimal quality of life. However, the relationship between Tigmund and Kelly was powerful and truly magical.

Lisa G., Sebastopol


Chi Mix

My dog Pippin is a Chihuahua mix. He was racing around recently and suddenly stopped and stood still on three legs.

An x-ray and several vet appointments proved inconclusive. Pippin and I met with Dr. MacKay. She gave Pippin a thorough examination, made some adjustments to his pelvis and recommended supplements to strengthen his ligaments.

Today Pippin is running on all four legs and I am most grateful for that appointment with Dr. MacKay.

Elizabeth Adams, Rohnert Park



I had the extraordinary good fortune to be referred to Dr. MacKay by a friend, for an issue I’m having with my 2-year-old Boston Terrier.

My friend was confident that homeopathy could help. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. At the end of our appointment, after an exam, a chiropractic adjustment AND a massage, Dr. MacKay administered a homeopathic remedy. But more than anything, it was Dr. MacKay’s counseling that transformed my relationship with my dog.

With her incredible insights and her gentle, calm and compassionate nature, Dr. MacKay coached me on how to take charge of Mimi.

Dr. Kelly MacKay is a gifted healer, on endless levels, who carefully assesses the entire picture before administering any remedy or words of advice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Maggie Resnick, Rohnert Park

Mimi stretch
Adjusting the neck
Adjusting lower back
Kelly holding Terrier Leg

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